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Compare the difference in platform size between the PS-Series 12" x 12.4" x 2.4" and the WS-Series 15" x 15" x 2.7" (h) x (w) x (d).

For many people the WS Series is a better choice, since the platform is larger and allows them to stand on the scale more comfortably or place oversized carton on the platform. 

The WS500L construction is more heavy duty with the entire scale weighing 22 pounds verse the PS500L only weighs 11 pounds.  For the difference in price between the PS500L verses the WS500L we always recommend the WS500L over the PS500L.  Sure both units can weigh up to 500 lbs in 0.5 increments but the WS500L just does it better.  Since the WS500L has a bigger platform it distributes the load better over the scale.  Our analogy we be no different than a person pulling a camper with a 6 cylinder mini van verses another person pulling the same camper with a pickup truck with a large V-8 engine.  We all know the mini-van won't last long if you plan on towing a camper back and forth across the country for the next several years.

We recommend you try cutting out a 12" x 12.4" section of your newspaper and placing it on the floor.  See if you can place your feet together in this area.  Then try the same with a 15" x 15" section of newspaper and you can make the decision whether spending the extra money for the WS-Series is justifiable.

When selecting the proper model scale, the ideal selection would be a scale having a weighing capacity double of the typical weight being applied to the scale.  The reason for this is scales are designed with a loadcell and the inherent characteristic are such that the performance is much better in the 50% capacity verses the very top end of the weighing capacity.  So if your weighing a boxes typically between 80 to 90 pounds we would recommend a 200 pound capacity scale (90 lb x 2 = 180 lb so the choice would be a PS200L or WS200L).

For those people using the scale to weigh themselves, if you weigh over 450 lbs we would recommend the WS1000L over the WS500L for your selection.  Our analogy here again will use a vehicle.  Cars have a speedometer that we'll say go up to 120 mph, but if you drive the vehicle at this speed and the police don't catch you, can you really expect to get 100,000 miles out of the vehicle.

Siltec models: PS5AP > PS100L > PS200L > PS500L > WS SERIES

Pictured below is not trick photography, but a member of our staff's size 13 sneakers.  We couldn't convince him to take a picture on the scale since he was camera shy, but with sized 13 sneakers he sure is a big guy.

siltec platform scales


Siltec WS1000L scale
Above is a photo submitted by a recent customer and below is the e-mail that was sent along with the image.

Hello Precision Weighing Balances,

Enjoyed talking with you the other day.  So here is living proof that everything is bigger in Texas.  Both pair of shoes are size 16EEEE and they carry a big man.  I'm 6ft. 4.5 inches tall and now I know my exact weight.  The scale works great and I am happy I went with your advice selecting the WS1000L with the 15" x 15" base to accomodate my large shoes.  My neighbor, and good friend, came over last night and weighed in at 425 lbs. 

Your advice also to go with the WS1000L over the WS500L is a smart choice since I never know if I encounter another Texan who is bigger than me and they might be over 500 pounds.  Purchasing a scale that weighs more towards the middle of the scale's weighing capacity makes good sense.  I won't disclose my weight but lets just say I've got him beat by a little bit.  Looking forward to seeing my "Boats" on the web.
CAPACITY: (pounds)
100.0 lbs.
200.0 lbs.
500.0 lbs.
0.1 lbs.
0.2 lbs.
0.5 lbs.
CAPACITY: (kilograms)
45.00 kg
90.7 kg
220.0 kg
READABILITY: (kilograms)
0.05 kg
0.1 kg
0.2 kg
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Click here to see all the specs on the PS100L, PS200L or PS500L

siltec scales

CAPACITY: (pounds)
200.0 lbs.
500.0 lbs.
1000 lbs.
2000 lbs.
0.2 lbs.
0.5 lbs.
1 lbs.
2 lbs.
Shipping weight
22 lbs.
22 lbs.
26 lbs.
26 lbs.
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Note: The WS1000L and WS2000L have an extra steel support plate on the inside of the removable platform to provide extra strength to handle the higher weight capacities.  This is why the WS1000l/WS2000L are 4 pounds heavier in physical weight than the WS200L/WS500L.


siltec ws platform scales

Siltec WS-Series offers a large 15" x 15" x 2.7" weighing platform.  This scale was originally designed for performance racing industry for chassis setup applications.  It is extremely crucial to have proper weight distribution for performance race cars to handle properly.

Now Precision Weighing Balances offers this same scale as a low cost alternative to purchasing an expensive floor scale or crane scale for companies shipping crates and cargo parcels.  Some clients purchase two scales and straddle the load across the two weighing platforms and add the two weights displayed on each indicator to determine the total weight.  Additional uses include calculating the center of gravity of small aircraft using 2 or 3 WS Series scales for each wheel of the plane.

The entire line of Siltec bench scales incorporate heavy-duty load cell technology in the base.  The WS1000L is extremely popular for people weighing over 500 pounds.  Surf and search the internet, but we doubt if you can find another high capacity bench scale for less.  The pictures above give you a better prospective of the platform size difference.

Click here to see all the specs on the WS-Series


mechanical physician scales We also offer Health-O-Meter and Seca mechanical physician scales.

Mettler PS60 shipping scale [150 lb x 0.05 lb] is an ideal choice for PC-Based carrier shipping systems.  It is compatible with shipping systems from UPS, FedEx, DHL, Airborne, and many others.  The new version of the PS60 has both RS232 and USB connection!. Mettler Toledo PS60U-5131-000 [150lb x 0.05lb] now offers both RS-232 or USB interface.

UPS Shipping scale
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